The Effect of Solute Concentration on Osmosis in Potatoes. Essay

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Place cellophane over each test tube in order to prevent water from evaporating and leave them standing for night. Take the potatoes out of the solutions the next day and record their mass.


The massic percentage is found using the formula:

Concentration (mol/l)± 1.9x10-4 | Initial mass ± 0.05 | Final mass± 0.05 | Massic % | Error (%) |

0.1 | 2.30 | 3.02 | 23.84 | 1.307722964 |

0.2 | 4.37 | 5.30 | 17.55 | 0.531847209 |

0.3 | 3.51 | 3.94 | 10.91 | 0.432463495 |

0.4 | 1.93 | 2.13 | 9.39 | 0.684085376 |

0.5 | 2.52 | 2.46 | -2.44 | 0.147540674 |

0.6 | 3.25 | 3.06 | -6.21 | 0.298438799 |

0.7 | 3.05 | 2.53 | -20.55 | 1.149326081 |

0.8 | 3.5 | 2.73 | -28.21 | 1.436085282 |

0.9 | 3.2 | 2.4 | -33.33 | 1.909722222 |

1.0 | 2.95 | 2.33 | -26.61 | 1.593043632 |


As we can see above, there are two charts: Massic percentages and concentration of the solutions; Molar concentrations and % increase in length. The second chart shows the results of another group, who used the same method but recorded change in length rather than change in mass.

Using the equation y=-66.631x+31.081 we can find the solute concentration of the potato: as it is the x value for when y=0, we solve the equation:


We find x=0.47 so according to our experimental data the solute concentration of the potato was 0.47 mol/l.

The correlation coefficient is R2=0.95 which is very good, whereas for
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