The Effect Of Separation Of Parents On Children Essay

1562 Words Dec 18th, 2014 null Page
In today’s society a lot of people are getting divorced. Separation of parents is tremendously tough on a child. Most parents get divorced not knowing the effects that it will have on the child. Many parents fail to realize that separation can cause long term effects on the child. Parents who separate after having children often cause their children to suffer from confusion, neglect, and irrational behaviors. People divorce for many reasons. The most common reasons why people divorce is because of sexual infidelity, communication problems, and not spending enough time together. These are common reasons why someone would throw away their promise in marriage. These causes are severe on a marriage. Problems such as these are very hard to repair once it has happened. Sexual infidelity is the hardest pain to overcome. This is because usually at some point in time a married couple becomes emotionally connected during sexual intercourse. To know that their partner has had that connection with someone else can be devastating, because it’s a bond that the partner has broken. Communication problems in a marriage can lead to divorce. This is because, communication problems can lead to bigger problems which makes it a threatening problem in a marriage. If you cannot communicate with your spouse it is hard to build a future or feel secure. Communication problems is another form of neglect. If either spouse feel like their opinion or feelings are being ignored they tend to feel…

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