Essay on The Effect Of School Uniforms

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The Effect of School Uniforms
Everyone knows that there are many discussions about school uniforms. Do they affect students education or not? Danielle Spanner published by GlobalPost says, “Uniforms are being used as a way to level the socio-economic status of students, promote a school-wide culture and, most importantly minimize disciplinary problems associated with wearing casual clothes. . . Students from upper socio-economic statuses commonly receive more attention because of the latest style clothing that they can afford, while students that cannot afford these brands are often picked on and looked down upon” (1). Bullying and peer pressure are a result of not having school uniforms, because students focus on who is wearing the coolest clothes. (Spanner 1) Roy Latham writes in “School uniforms Should be Required” that students will see people by their personality instead of their clothes (2). In addition, Grace Chen reports in the article “Public School Uniforms: The Pros and Cons for Your Child” that differences between children and teens are lessened when everyone is wearing the same clothes. Students don’t worry about fitting in as much when they all dressed the same. (Chen 2,3) Furthermore, Debra Viadero observes in the article “Uniform Effects?” that forcing students to wear uniforms takes less time than deciding if their own clothes are appropriate or not (5). Spanner acknowledges that teachers waste time by giving detentions to students who break dress code.…

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