Essay on The Effect Of Salinity On The Growth And Development

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The investigation was conducted see the effects of salinity on pant life more closely, with series of plants watered with different percentages of salt water. To determine how different salinity levels effect the plants growth, and also observe the other effects, if any, that may occur to the plant. The experiment was set up and each plant was watered with different levels of salinity, and measurements of the height and number of leaves was taken twice a week. The results concluded that the plant watered with the tap water had the best development, while the ones watered with salinity had significant difference in plant development. This concludes that salinity has effect on plant growth and development.
Dryland salinity refers to the increase of excess salt in the top soil and also underground water where the lands haven’t been irrigated (, 2013). Dryland salinity does occur naturally, however it is accelerated through the clearing of deep-rooted vegetation, water that would have been absorbed by the roots, now would enter the groundwater system (, 2013). As the deep rooted vegetation is not absorbing the water, the water table rises, bringing the salts that are stored in the deeper soil, making the water saline. The water moves through the landscape passing through permeable rock and soil masses, though some of the water can become trapped, the pressure beings to rise, the water to the surface, when it within two metres of it, the water…

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