The Effect Of Religion On The Early United States Essay

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The Effect of Religion in the Early United States Religion has been a part of America from the start. Years before the country was even born people used the land in North America to escape strict religious laws and regulations in England. Religion had much to do with the shaping of the United States, and not always in the best way. Puritans were a religious group that sought to purify the Church of England (Foner Give me liberty!: an American history A-94). The Puritans themselves did not agree on everything, but what they did all concede that the Church of England, despite supposedly being its own religion, resembled the Catholic Church far too much. Ornate church decorations, elaborate ceremonies, and the doctrine that priests could not marry were a few contributors to that belief (Foner Give me liberty!: an American history 53). When they immigrated to the Americas, Puritans wanted religious uniformity despite being persecuted in England for wanting religious freedom (Edwards A brief guide to beliefs: ideas, theologies, mysteries, and movements 363). The Puritans were known for their open disapproval for other religions. Some of them, especially those who settled in Plymouth, disregarded the Church of England completely and became separatists (Foner Give me liberty!: an American history 53). Mostly, they wanted to purify the Church from within (Foner Give me liberty!: an American history 53-54). Religion definitely shaped America in terms of gender roles. Puritans,…

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