The Effect Of Positive Relationships Around The Years 10 Boy Who Has Severe Anger

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4. Comment on Amber 's tactic of managing the Year 10 boy who has severe anger. How would you do it?

A whole school approach to assist this student is imperative; allowing him to feel cared for, valued and supported. Using a variety of strategies including PBIS would provide a framework for the school to develop an individualised plan. Teaching students to self-regulate and control their emotions is important for children’s learning and development.
Amber assists the Year 10 student return to a calm place through speaking in a quiet and composed manner. Allowing the student to initiate conversation may help the student process what happened and why it may have occurred. I believe it is important to ensure a conversation does transpire about the incident, how he felt and what choices he could make next time. Fortunately Amber and the student have developed a relationship centred on trust, allowing him to feel safe to seek her help in stressful situations. Bronfenbrenner’s work highlights the significance of positive relationships centred on care, trust and love to assist a child’s emotional development (Donald, 2010).
The text states that as soon as the boy experiences anger he seeks out Amber (Brady & Scully, 2005). I have concerns about the way the school is managing this aspect of the support offered to the student. Waiting until he experiences strong emotions or anger, I believe, is too late, damaging and inappropriate. Strategies to assist the student to recognise and…

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