Essay on The Effect Of Poor Sleep

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Sleeping Sleep; we all love it, we all need it, and yet many of us may not even know how much it really benefits us. It’s relatively common knowledge that eight hours of sleep is recommended by doctors and that getting any less than that can end up being bad for you. But just how bad can it really be? Will you just be tired in the mornings, less productive at work, or simply crash sometime during the day and take a nap to recover? In reality, the effects of poor sleep can be more serious and much harder to fix than you may think. Believe it or not, a lack of sleep can do many things to affect a person 's life and can influence mental well being, physical well being, and even decision making abilities. As a student or busy employee, it can be very difficult to improve sleep quality without making cuts in normal life. Insert bridge sentence saying what is being improved. According to reputable studies, a lack of proper sleep can have a devastating effect on young adults and students even later in their lives. One of the most apparent effects of having a short or bad night of sleep can be seen through a person 's mood. Most people have had to work with or interact with someone who has just gotten up from a bad night of sleep. Often, these people can be described as grouchy or even short tempered by the people they are around. But there can also be more long term effects on a person 's mental well being. In "Sleep-Related Factors: Associations With Poor Attention And…

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