The Effect Of Parent Involvement On Children 's Education Essay

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Research suggests that parent involvement in their children’s education plays a significant role in student achievement. Although parents can become involved in children’s education many different ways, according to Catasambis (1998), parents who regularly and actively help and monitor children’s homework have the greatest impact on their children’s academic achievement.
Homework gives an extra practice of what students learn in the classroom, but it can serve other purposes as well. It can provide opportunities for parents to know what their children are learning at school and to become active partners in education to increase student learning. (Walker, Hoover-Dempsey, Whetsel, Green, 2004).
Research also suggests that even though parents understand the importance of participation in their children’s education, they often do not know how. (Epstein & Van Vooorhis, 2001; Hoover-Dempsey, Bassler & Burow, 1995) Realizing the possible disconnect between the school and parents, Epstein and her colleagues (1994) developed what is known as TIPS. TIPS (Teachers Involving Parents in Schoolwork) is an interactive homework assignment created by teachers to require parent’s participation with children’s homework.
The administrator and teachers at Bethany Christian School, where the research will be conducted, are concerned about low test scores of the upper elementary grade students in the core subjects like reading comprehension and math. The school also notices that parents,…

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