The Effect Of Motivation On An Organization Essay

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In this section, we will try and compare the use of motivation in an organisation. We will start off with discussing the different motivations theories that we have discussed earlier and then see how they have managed to affect the effectiveness of an organisation.
The three motivational theories recommended by me to NewVic (Mayo, Maslow and Herzberg) can be used at different levels of hierarchy in the organisation. But first let us have a look at the use of motivation.
If the motivational theory of Mayo, Maslow and Herzberg is applied to NewVic it will definitely reduce the turnover rate and absenteeism as all the needs of the employees will be fulfilled and the coordination of subordinates with their superior will be much better.
When the staff is more motivated then they can be used in a much more efficient manner than before. When the employee is provided with good health and safety measures and they know that they are secured they will obviously work better than before.
Motivational theories have always emphasised on better relation and understanding between management and staff. Good relation on the basis of motivation can lead to resolving big issues such as industrial relationship issues and problems like strikes. A good motivated team of labourer would never want to go on strike when they know that all their basic necessities are being taken care of by their management.
A planned, well trained and flexible workforce can only be built if NewVic has a good…

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