The Effect Of Modern Day Resources On The Massive International Problem Of Global Warming

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Geoengineering is the study of using modern day resources to counteract the massive international problem of global warming. There are three main types of geoengineering that have been theorized, one being the science fiction call to action, the form of geoengineering is called Solar Radiation Management. Scientists have reason to believe that if we reflect a tiny proportion of solar radiation that comes naturally from the sun, we will be able to decrease the amount global warming. Scientists believe that by testing prototypes of such mechanisms to do on command, scientists will be able to create further adjustments so we may cut down on solar radiation piece by piece. Another form of geoengineering is the study of carbon dioxide removal. Scientists have speculated that if we were to launch large quantities of minerals into the atmosphere that counteract with carbon dioxide, we would be able to break down on our carbon footprints, lowering it drastically. Finally, a more recent theory that was founded by David Keith at 2007 TED talk session. David believes that if we are able to possibly instal a solar shield made up of sulfur particles, we will have the power to control the very variable of cooling the atmosphere itself. He mentions that this project is in fact long term plan for, the technology is further advance and cannot be truly made into a full prototype. David has found this information to sum up a theory that caused an scientific epiphany not…

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