The Effect Of Math Anxiety On Math Performance Essay

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The effect of math anxiety on math performance

It is generally acknowledged that math anxiety highly prevalent all over the world, which is related to math performance (Chang, 2016). Meanwhile, some people could not figure out the reason why their math grades are poor or hard to improve. In that case, they are struggling in math problems that could cause unfavorable circulation. Thus, this essay may help students to recognize math anxiety and to find out where the problems is in math learning. Firstly, this essay will define the math anxiety and explain it specifically. Additionally, the author will explore why math anxiety happens on people. Moreover, it will be discussed what the relationship between math anxiety and math performance is.

Definition of math anxiety
As the name suggests, math anxiety is emotional feeling that people feel panic and unconfident in dealing with math problems. According to Tobias (1978), “math anxiety is the panic, helplessness, paralysis and mental disorganization that arises among some people when they are required to solve a mathematical problem” (cited in Macarena, 2015), or a “general fear of contact with mathematics” (Hembree, 1990, cited in Macarena, 2015). Additionally, Suinn and Winston (2003) claimed that “math anxiety is a feeling of tension, worry, and fear in situations involving math-related activities”. These definitions are hold the idea that an emotional response called math anxiety caused by people when they are solving math…

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