Essay about The Effect Of Marital On Marital Satisfaction

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Power and Satisfaction in Marriage
There have been studies on the quality of marital relationship as a way of measuring marital health. Marital satisfaction involves an individual’s appraisal of the marriage they are into and the level of contentment derived (Raven, 2008). According to Stanley “chronic and significant marital unhappiness would not be seen by most as healthy” (2007, p.17). Therefore, marital satisfaction involves the level of happiness an individual gets out of a marriage. The quality of marriage is relevant in marriages across different cultures. Marital power significantly influences marital satisfaction and marital health in different populations. Power relates to the influence an individual has on the level of interaction between them and other members of the society. Marital power,s therefore represents the level of influence a husband or a wife has in a marriage. There are different forms of influence a spouse can have, but the significant ones include the ability of an individual to affect the emotions, thoughts, behavior and feelings of their marriage partners.
Marital power takes different forms and that can define the role it has on marital satisfaction in the contemporary society. The common forms of marital power include power bases, power processes and power outcomes. Marital power base provides answers to the questions of why a spouse is able to influence the actions of another spouse. Social connections and financial assets are some of the…

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