The Effect Of Interdependence On Global Security Essay

1854 Words Dec 11th, 2016 8 Pages
This essay will assess the effect of interdependence on global security. In an ever more connected world, it is important to understand the effect further interdependence will have on security issues. Interdependence makes states, and individuals less secure in regards to economics, inequality, border security, and leads to rising threats of rebellion. To adequately defend this thesis, one must first accurately define security in the context of this essay. It will then be shown that interdependence leads to a negative economic impact, inequality, and less border security through the readings and examples. Also, one must address the arguments put forth by the other opposing viewpoint. Through the in-depth analysis of the thesis and rebuttal of the opposing argument, one will be lead to the conclusion that interdependence leads to less security.
This paragraph will clarify to the reader what is meant by interdependence and security. These are key terms to define and understand in relation to the essay. Interdependence in this context refers to the nations of the world being dependent on one another. This can be in many aspects, but most notably economically. Security is tougher to define, due to the fact, that there is no definition to describe all the areas it may cover. The best way to understand security and what it entails is to look at Buzan’s five sectors of security. Buzan points out that the main sectors are military, economic, societal, political, and environmental.…

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