The Effect Of Implicit Personality Theory On My Life At Work And How I Can Change My Mind

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“I’ve already determined who you are. It’s your job to change my mind.” A mindset like the one just mentioned can be a serious detriment to interpersonal communications. In order to have a healthy mental life, it is important to exercise proper communications with other people. According to, one of the causes of depression is poor relationships (Smith, M., Saisan, J., & Segal, J. 2014). Also, states, “People who have satisfying relationships have been shown to be happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer” (Harvard Edu. (2010, December). With this knowledge made available to us, doesn’t it make sense for us to work on our communication skills? So, in this paper I will be examining my impact of the implicit personality theory in my life at work and how I can change my handling of it which will improve the lives of the people I interact with and my own.

I work as a customer service, call center agent and I’m constantly speaking with people from all types of backgrounds. Some of the customers I deal with are from different countries, educational backgrounds and upbringings. When a customer calls in, it’s the first time I have ever spoken to them. I have a limited amount of time to judge where the call is heading and react appropriately. However, by jumping to conclusions about the person on the other line, it can cause unnecessary frustration on my end, which can transfer to the customer by way of emotional contagion (Beebe, S., & Beebe, S.…

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