The Effect Of Honey Bees Essay

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Background Honey Bees include any bee that are part of the genus Apis. Currently there are eleven recorded species of honey bees, including forty-four subspecies (What-When-How). The main goal of the Honey Bee is to produce honey, which is a process that requires the Honey Bee to find nectar and pollen. Honey Bees are known to mainly be attracted to brightly-colored flowers, including dandelions, goldenrod, milkweed, clover and fruit trees (FCPS). There are specifically two honeybee species of choice which are kept in the care of beekeepers. These two honeybee species include the A. Mellifera and the A. Cerana Indica. Honey Bees, producing fruits and vegetables, are crucial to agriculture within the United States (Wallstreet Daily). Currently beekeepers have been experiencing declines within Honey Bee populations due to Colony Collapse Disorder, which describes a dead colony without any adult bees or dead bee bodies with a living queen (ARS.USDA). There are various different causes of Colony Collapse Disorder, including pesticides, habitat destruction and global warming. Colony Collapse Disorder equals a risk to the health of honeybees, pollination processes and economic stability of commercial beekeeping (Wallstreet Daily). We decided to conduct an experiment to discover whether honeybees were more inclined to be attracted toward an agricultural field which possessed native vegetation hedgerows versus an agricultural…

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