The Effect Of Heat Transfer On Temperature Essay

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Chapter 1
Heat transfer is by virtue thermal energy stored in temperature-dependent motion of particles. The exchange of kinetic energy of particles occurs through the boundary between two systems which are at different temperatures from each other or from their surroundings. Heat transfer constantly occurs from a region of high temperature to the region of lower temperature. Heat transfer changes the internal energy of both systems according to the Thermodynamics. The Second Law of Thermodynamics defines the concept of thermodynamic entropy. Heat transfer is the study of thermal energy transport within a medium or among neighboring media by molecular interaction, fluid motion, and electro-magnetic waves, resulting from a spatial variation in temperature. This variation in temperature is governed by the principle of energy conservation, which when applied to a control volume or a control mass, states that the sum of the flow of energy and heat across the system, the work done on the system, and the energy stored and converted within the system, is zero.
Heat transfer finds application in many important areas, namely design of thermal and nuclear power plants including heat engines, steam generators, condensers and other heat exchange equipments, catalytic convertors, heat shields for space vehicles, furnaces, electronic equipments etc, internal combustion engines, refrigeration and air conditioning units, design of cooling systems for…

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