The Effect Of Gresham 's Early Life Showed Nothing Of Any Real Note

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Gresham’s early life showed nothing of any real note. He was just another face in the crowd, doing the same things as the other kids that he passed in the hallways. It wasn’t until high school that he started to make any sort of name for himself, but of course he went about it in a less than ideal way. He started to make friends with the kids that were friends with everyone and at the same time being the trouble makers. It broke him out of his shell at first but that shell was replaced by a troubling reputation that got him more attention than was deserved. Somewhere along the lines a rumor went around that he was the toughest of the bunch and would take on anyone that stepped up and Gresham being Gresham, nothing was going to make him back down. It became an after show whenever he was at parties to face anyone that wanted to have a go. It was juvenile. He knows that now, but there’s nothing better than having a name for yourself.
After his graduation his little troupe decided it would be a good idea to get piss drunk at their favorite hangout spot, a cement drainage ditch in the middle of the surrounding forests. It was fairly large and they made it their own by adding a busted up couch and bringing a radio whenever they went out there. Anyone close by knew they were there and if they cared they would have stopped them but they didn’t and if the had who knows what he would be doing now. There’s not much to remember about that night but he does remember the eyes to wolf that…

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