Essay on The Effect Of Globalization On The World 's Population

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Core Nations Above All Others:
The Detrimental Affects of Globalization As the world’s population continues to expand, so do the ideas and practices of globalization among core nations, periphery nations, and the nations finding themselves in the middle. This sense of interconnectedness has grown to incorporate the cultural aspects of economies, environments, and politics, and Paul L. Knox explains how “when the competitive system of states fostered the emergence of international agencies and institutions, global networks of communication, a standardized system of global time, international law, and internationally shared notions of citizenship and human rights, the basic framework of modern globalization came into being” (50). These current and seemingly basic conditions support the backbone of humanity’s existence, yet many argue these standards tend to favor core nations over periphery nations.
Since these global connections operate at much greater speeds, larger scales, and vast complexities, advocates for national equality have worked adamantly to ensure a global consistency of cultural evolution. Unfortunately, their actions result in unsuccessful conclusions due to the lack of cooperation and understanding from the world’s most privileged nations. Globalization cannot sustainably improve the lives of people in both core and peripheral countries because of the problematic relationships between the two types of nations: core nations not only handle periphery nations’…

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