The Effect Of Global Warming And The Greenhouse Effect

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The Greenhouse Effect

This paper will revolve around the the Greenhouse effect and its effect on all things around it. Basically our environment has all these gases in it that are bad and good. The basic idea is that there are gases in our atmosphere that are unable to leave and it just continue to build indefinitely. The earth 's temperature then starts rising and rising and until it is said that eventually it will cause everything to waste away.. This gradual rise of the Earth 's temperature, often called global warming, is caused by this greenhouse effect is what this paper will be mostly about, including all the little things that are important about it. Despite the greenhouse effect having bad things about it there are also some good as well that can be seen and talked about everywhere.

The Greenhouse effect occurs when the Earth gets energy from the sun when the sun gives the Earth sunlight. The Earth 's surface absorbs some of the sunlight and
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In our society if we would just move closer to where we work and go to school and just walked or even carpooled it would bring down a lot of pollution in the air. This of course would then in the end help with all the global warming and the greenhouse gases. A second area would be deforestation, that could help reduce these things would be not cutting down trees. The trees are photosynthesising all the time and when they do that they are bringing down the global warming and greenhouse gases. The third area in which we can help as a society is with our technology use and unplugging things. If we were to actually unplug our electronics and buy energy efficient light bulbs, for example compact fluorescents which have a longer life span and save billions of kilowatts and hour, we make another drastic change in the amount of greenhouse gases that are emitted because of

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