Essay on The Effect Of Friendship On My Life

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I’ve had many different friends in my life. I’ve had good and bad relationships. Friends that I grew apart from and others that ditched me because they simply just didn’t want to be my friend anymore. But all of those relationships, good and bad, have shaped who I am today and each have taught or showed me something different about friendship. For that reason all of the hurt, trials, and stress those relationships brought to my life was all worth it. It’s so important to surround you with people that care and love you. The effects of friendship are truly everlasting. For my 12th Birthday I had a party at my house with my closest friends at that time. Looking at the picture above I remember my friend Taylor coming over early and doing my hair for me, going on a scavenger hunt, and playing pin the lips on Bieber. Thinking back to this moment I remember feeling carefree and just happy to be with my friends celebrating an exciting event. When in middle school I remember being so easily influenced by my friends or peers. I wasn’t aloud to date until I was 16 but in 7th grade I “dated” anyways. I always wanted to match my friends and always had to make sure that I wasn’t left out of anything or feel like an outsider. I put the opinions of my friends over what I wanted and liked. The friends I had then were very similar to who I was at the time. We all listened to the same bands, loved the same teen heartthrob, and all had a similar personality. It took losing a core…

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