Essay on The Effect Of Fasting On Fasting Blood Glucose Levels

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All the animal experiments were performed in accordance with the guidelines established by the Animal Ethics Committee of Wonkwang University, and this experiment was approved by the committee (Approval No. WKU15-101). To evaluate the effect of BGE on fasting blood glucose levels, C57BL/6J (dbdb) 30 mice (20 –25g, 4 weeks, male Lepr(+/+)) and C57BL/6J (dbh) 10 mice (20–25g, 4 weeks, male Lepr(+/-)) were used as the animal model. All the animals were purchased from SAMTACO (Osan, Korea) All the experiments in this study were conducted for 4 weeks. The mice were given free access to water and kept at a constant room temperature under a 12/12–hour light/dark cycle. The mice were adapted to new environment and food for 1 week before starting the experiment. The animals the were housed in wire meshbottomed individual cages in climate-controlled quarters (24918C, 5595% relative humidity) for a 12-h light:12-h dark cycle. All the mice were acclimatized for an adaptation period of 7 days before the experiment, fed standard pellet chow, and given fresh water ad libitum. A total of 40 mice were randomly divided into four groups (ten mice per group): Group I (C57BL/6J-dbh group, Normal), Group II (C57BL/6J-db/db group, Control), Group III (C57BL/6J-db/db mice were fed a dietary supplement of 300 mg/kg of BGE, BGE 300) and Group IV (C57BL/6J-db/db mice fed a dietary supplement of 900 mg/kg of BGE, BGE 900). The weight were checked every week. Water and feed were always available. After…

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