Essay on The Effect Of Evidence Based Practice Nursing Care

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Throughout most of history the perception of a nurse was interpreted as a bedside maid that served the doctor they worked under. However, nurses have defined, applied, and birthed evidence-based practice for over a hundred years (What’s, 2011). The application of evidence-based practice nursing care is parallel with the effect on improved patient outcomes (Davis, 2016). The evidence based practice has evolved into a need for health care power teams that work together to continuously research the best outcomes for the patients in their care as a unit, then sharing that knowledge with other health care partners (Kerr,2007). Furthermore, the trinity relationship that exists between research, evidence-based practice, and quality control work behind the scenes to produce a decline in errors with patient’s while improving overall patient centered care (Hughes, n.d.). Nurses that know the importance of evidence-based practice, how to implement it successfully, and have the willingness to evolve endlessly are the ones that set the standard in future care based on these standards.
Evidence- based practice has become an important revolution in the nursing community. Nurses should understand the meaning of this revolution so that they can aid in its progression. Evidence-based practice is defined as assessing research, clinical practices, and other pertinent information, then using their findings to advance patient centered care (Evidence, 2016). Though the term, “evidence-based…

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