The Effect Of Essential Oils On Physical And Emotional Well Being

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The Effect of Essential Oils on Physical and Emotional Well-Being I chose to look closely at Dr. Mercola’s article “Essential Oils Support Physical and Emotional Well-Being.” In this article, Dr. Mercola talks about the effect of essential oils and how they support physical and emotional well- being. Being that people smell things differently from one another, smells can have different meaning to different people. This article looks at Aromatherapy and how it allows us to capture the olfactory power of plants for healing. Aromatherapy was used hundreds of years ago, but never became common. The article also goes on to talk about how this Aromatherapy is working with our olfactory receptors and the limbic system itself to bring about emotions or senses. In this paper we will look at a brief history of essential oils, some common maladies, and the science behind our smell, and lastly how it can alter our nervous system. First, I chose to read this article because I feel like the use of essential oils is on an upward trend. It is being used by more people to relieve stress or hopefully increase focus. I also chose this topic because my mom is getting big into those essential oils and has them laying around the house when I am at home of the weekends and the holidays. Next I would like to give a little brief history of the uses of essential oils. When referring to essential oils, I am referring to pure therapeutic grade essential oils from plants, not synthetic fragrances of…

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