The Effect Of Enzymes On The Enzyme Catalase Essay

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Abstract: In this lab, three variables were tested to discover their effect on the enzyme catalase, taken from a cut and blended potato. The blended potato mixture was strained and put into a centrifuge, the liquid that was in the centrifuge contained the enzyme and remained on ice. The enzyme was placed in test tubes that had varying levels of pH buffers, substrate concentrations and temperatures; the pH, substrate concentration and temperature were the three variables. The data showed that each variable contained an optimum level at which the enzyme was most effective.

Intro: Enzymes are vital to the existence of life. Living organisms have innumerable chemical reactions occurring their bodies at all time and these chemical reactions must be regulated. Enzymes are proteins, or sometimes RNA molecules, whose job is to perform the catalysis that moniter these chemical reactions. An enzyme works by binding to substrates and lowering the activation energy needed to perform essential chemical reactions. Enzymes are constantly at work in the body’s environment, and vary depending on the cell. Since the enzyme’s job is to cause the substrate to react, the actual enzyme itself remains unchanged. Enzymes can be affected by environmental factors that change the rate of the enzymes efectiveness in reactions. In this lab, we tested the effects of pH levels, temperature and substrate concentration variation to observe how they affected enzyme activity and where the optimum level…

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