The Effect Of Effect On My Development On The Death Of My Father

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In this discussion paper I will be going over some of the effects in my development brought on by the death of my father, which has affected my life till this day. I will go in depth on just how it affected me. Along with going over how similar most people would react to said event, I will also be talking about the agents of socialization that has had the greatest effect on me; my family and media. I then will express more on the ways it affected me and how I know. To close I‘m going to go over how important socialization really is to all of us as a society and just how lost we would be without it.
My father died due to a heroin overdose when I was 8 years old, and that forever changed my life in major ways. As a child I never fully understood the passing of my father, and often times longed for the affections only a father could give to his son. Due to the fact that there was an absence of a positive male role model in my life I acted out very much throughout my childhood. I didn’t do well in school at all until my college days, my problematic attitude towards authority was to blame, and I didn’t have many friends mainly because I had anger issues and a tendency to fight a lot. Losing my father at such a young age deeply affected my confidence ability needed to socialize in my earlier years of life. It crippled me socially, withdrawing from any social norms or culture I could, and neglecting the group mentality of fitting in while embracing the lonely lifestyle of a hermit.…

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