The Effect Of E Cigarettes On The Human Body Essay

704 Words Nov 6th, 2015 3 Pages
The increase of interest in e-cigarettes has been taking Canada by storm. More and more vape shops have been opening all over Canada in the last few years. With it 's popularity comes criticism; are they safe to use? There it plenty of evidence to show that e-cigarettes are safe to use and some scientists believe it is better to use than cigarettes. The use of electric cigarettes can prevent the smoking of tobacco, which does more harm to the human body. E-cigarettes can help save money that one would use on cigarettes, has smaller health risks for second hand smoke, and a positive promotion can inform improve a smoker 's life. E-cigarettes, otherwise known as vapes, are an electronic cigarette that stimulates the feeling of an actual cigarette. There are non-reusable and reusable vapes which come with a battery that can be charged. One of the perks of using an e-cigarette is saving money. Once smokers make an investment in a reusable vape, they would not have to buy another one. The only money that will be spent on vaping after this would be the vape juice. The average monthly cost for vape juice is approximatly thirty dollars. The average smoker spends about one hundred dollars a month on a pack of cigarettes. It is easy to see that e-cigarettes are less expensive. There are hundreds of flavors that vape juice can be purchased in, as well as different levels of nicotine as well. The nicotine doesage helps with quitting. The addiction of nicotine and the action of…

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