Essay about The Effect Of Content Marketing And An Inbound Lead Strategy

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“The chasm between never heard of you and your name sounds familiar is wide.”
– Adrianne Machina of Tornado Marketing, speaking about the effectiveness of content marketing and an inbound lead strategy
The Last Article on Content Marketing
Perhaps you embrace it or avoid it, but you’ve heard of content marketing and inbound marketing.
I’ve long believed in the power of inbound marketing fueled by content, but nothing solidified my understanding until Adrianne Machina uttered these words (above) during her presentation at the 2016 Annual Conference of the American Marketing Association, Madison Chapter (AMA Madison.)
Mind the Gap
Rely on solely cold calling, email blasts or any one method of contacting prospective clients, and your staff might end up like the gentleman in the picture; stuck and in danger of a fall/fail. He’s unlikely to make it safely to “your name sounds familiar.”
It’s rare a single phone call or email will initiate business with a prospective client, but there are times when salespeople catch a prospective customer at the right time. The remainder of the time the prospect ignores phone calls, deletes emails and voicemails. So what should a company do when the prospective client isn’t ready to listen?
Build a Bridge with Content
People do business with people they like and trust. So how does a company cross the chasm from, never heard of you to your name sounds familiar? Build a Bridge with Content.
Educate them. Share an article. Entertain them. Evoke an…

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