Essay on The Effect of Concussions on Mental Health

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A Concussion’s Effect on Mental Health As of May 23, there have been over 2,200 lawsuits against the NFL over concussions. Most people think that concussions occur only during huge helmet-to-helmet collisions resulting in a player being knocked unconscious. These hits do cause severe concussions but the truth is that most concussions happen during small hits or in a dog pile. These mild hits add up and take a toll on your brain. I believe that the NFL should implement a concussion limit and mental test in order to protect player’s brains from damage. (Ex: more than 3 mild concussions in a single season will result in a mandatory leave for the rest of the season, and the player must pass a mental test to see if he is capable of …show more content…
Small concussions add up as well, studies have shown in teenagers that after a second concussion their rate at processing information are reduced dramatically and it also takes longer for them to recover from the second concussion. While I was in high school, I received a concussion my senior year from a knee blow to the back of my head while in a dog pile during a football game. The concussion test I had to take in order to return consisted of memorizing certain colors, numbers and patterns. To people with more severe concussions (mine was mild) these actions are extremely difficult. My friend Gus took a big hit his sophomore year and it took him seven weeks to be able to pass the test. Gus wasn’t very smart in the first place, but he could pass a concussion test no problem before the hit. I can’t imagine what could’ve happened if Gus tried to shrug off the concussion and keep playing. Severe brain injury or maybe even death could have occurred. Recovery is the most important part of returning to a sport after an injury. Many athletes have to deal with recurring knee or ankle pain. ACL injuries are extremely devastating and can take more than a year to recover from. It should take longer than 2 weeks to recover from a standard concussion, after all our brain is the most important thing in the body. The brain controls all bodily functions both voluntary and involuntary. Without proper brain function we

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