Essay about The Effect Of College Choice On Future Success

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The Effect of College Choice on Future Success Approximately half of students receive jobs out of college (Wei). This is a frightful statistic that inclines people to believe that attending a more competitive college is necessary for job attainment. Every American dreams of becoming a successful person, one who reaches their goals, maybe has a family, home and a steady income. People seem to regard that in order to reach that level of success they must attend an elite school, a school that is usually private, and only admits fewer than ten percent of applicants. The Ivy league receives much attention among the elite schools. “Only 0.4 percent of undergraduates attend one of the Ivy League schools... too much attention is paid to these eight institutions” (O 'Shaughnessy). However, large numbers of high schoolers feel that they must become peice of that .4 percent. High schoolers, especially at elite high schools are pressured by parents, themselves, and the other students to attend an elite school. Although many claim that attending an elite college is necessary for future success, the choice of college is not as critical as the grades and development students receive while there. Many Americans believe that to be successful they must attend elite schools. Yet numerous successful people have not taken the same route. Critics argue, “The purpose of education is to help teenagers find themselves, and to make moral adults of them, and that Harvard and its clones fail…

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