The Effect Of College Admission Process On High School Students

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The Effect of the College Admission Process on High School Students
Whether you’re a first generation student or another in a long line of college graduates, the college decision process is a stressful one for all of us. Do you want to attend college close to home or across the country? Do you want a small, medium, or large school? Do you give in to the pressure from your parents to go to a certain school or choose the school you want? All of these questions, along with the SAT/ACT scores, your GPA, and the competitive aspect of getting into the best school, can be extremely overwhelming. I remember when I was making college decisions and filling out applications, all of the pressure of my future weighing down on me. I edited my application essay until the glare from my computer screen gave me a headache and the list of colleges I needed to choose from always nagging in the back of my brain. It was an immensely stressful experience for me, so I wanted to know just how much pressure other students going through this process really are. A questionnaire was conducted by Julie Vultaggio, assistant dean of the Doctor of Education Leadership program at Harvard, and Stephen Friedfeld, a cofounder of the admission counseling group AcceptU. Forty-two responses from college students showed that 71% of responders felt that application essays had been a stressor in the admission process, which was the most commonly chosen option. The application essay is the one opportunity to speak…

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