The Effect Of Catechol Oxidase On The Human Body And Other Organisms

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Introduction: Enzymes have a huge effect on the human body and other organisms. Enzymes are catalysts that are used to accelerate the reaction process by lowering the activation energy. For this experiment the catechol oxidase was extracted from potatoes. The enzyme is called catechol oxidase because the oxygen is reacting to catechol. Catechol oxidase causes the browning of the fruits and vegetables because the compound is toxic to the bacteria. The purpose of this experiment is to conduct and test the effects of catechol oxidase with varying temperatures. Based on many scientific journals, changes on different enzymes are affected by temperature (Pao-Huei et al. 2016). These concluded that the reaction of catechol oxidase is accelerated when its temperature is cool. However, the enzyme can become denatured if the temperature is too cold or hot. The impact of temperature is significant because enzymes do not function well with either high or low temperatures. The most optimal temperature for catechol oxidase is around forty degrees Celsius. (Morgan and Carter 2014.) In this experiment, the effects on catechol oxidase with varying temperature were conducted. The prediction for this experiment was: when the temperature hits 80 degrees Celsius, the catechol will be at its optimal absorbance. The alternate hypothesis tested for this following experiment was that there is a significant relationship between catechol and pH. In contrast, the null hypothesis states…

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