The Effect Of Carbon Dioxide On Earth Essay

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Over the past year in 2016, the highest average temperature recorded on Earth was experienced 1. Many researchers believe this to be partially because of greenhouse gasses, including carbon dioxide 2. However, carbon dioxide is essential for the photosynthesis of plants, allowing plants to be successful autotrophs by using carbon dioxide, water, and energy from the sun to produce glucose and oxygen. One of the main sources of photosynthesis in a plant is in the leaves. When leaves decompose they release the carbon dioxide used in photosynthesis. It is important to figure out how much carbon dioxide is emitted from leaf decomposition in order for people to further limit the amount of carbon dioxide being trapped within the atmosphere.
A previous study has indicated that the amount of carbon dioxide in an environment of a decomposing leaf has the ability to transform the chemistry and foliage quality 3. Moreover, another study has found that carbon dioxide affects the value and rate of nutrient rich leaf decay on the soil 3. This leaf litter has been the focus of many studies for the vitality of energy resource, which an ecosystem depends on 4,5,6.
Many fertilizers used by gardeners and farmers alike contain nitrogen, an important nutrient in the acceleration of plant growth, however nitrogen may also speed up the decomposition of leaves. This may cause an excess of carbon dioxide. Fertilizers also contain phosphates as well as nitrogen and this may affect the growth of algae…

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