The Effect Of Caffeine On The Writing Processes Of College Students

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One predominant aspect in the writing processes of college students is the consumption of caffeine. As a college student I drink at least two cups of coffee a day and I have observed that this is a habit many students have developed in college. Although I tell myself that coffee is necessary for me to be productive and alert, others state differently. Because I have been drinking coffee for a while I wonder if it has less of an effect on me than it does for people who are new coffee drinkers. Although drinking coffee is the norm in college, caffeine may effect people differently and this has influenced my idea to research its positive and negative effects on the writing process and how it varies among students.
While interviewing students at the University of San Francisco, I learned that students believe that they react positively to caffeine intake. Sabrina, a student at University of San Francisco and a student in Rhet 110 claims that caffeine can improve her problem solving abilities and give her an energy boost. Having enhanced problem solving skills and an increase in energy are both qualities that can increase productivity during the writing process. I continued to interview other students to figure out if this is a similar reaction to caffeine. Catherine Lopez, also rhet 110 student at University of San Francisco, has relatively positive reaction to caffeine. It may be debatable however if coffee adds to the production of her writing. Catherine reflects, “Coffee can…

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