The Effect Of Bacterial Disinfection On Bacterial Colonies Essay

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This project is about affecting the growth or disinfection of bacterial colonies. A UV light was shone onto a petri dish of bacteria and agar. The hypothesis is that the as time goes on, the purple light will have the greatest effect of bacterial disinfection because they will penetrate the nuclei the easiest with their short wavelengths and stop all growth. The colonies are measured on a smaller scale before and afterwards and the data is measured based on the new colonies or destroyed colonies. The increase in the cell size and cell mass during the development of an organism is also known as growth. It is the unique characteristics of all organisms, but is most well known for bacteria. The organism must require certain basic parameters for their energy generation and cellular biosynthesis. The growth of the organism is affected by both physical and Nutritional factors. The physical factors include the pH, temperature, Osmotic pressure, Hydrostatic pressure, and Moisture content of the medium in which the organism is growing. The nutritional factors include the amount of Carbon, nitrogen, Sulphur, phosphorous, and other trace elements provided in the growth medium.

Bacteria are unicellular (single cell) organisms. When the bacteria reach a certain size, they divide by binary fission. This is when the one cell divides into two, two into four and continue the process in a continuous pattern. The bacteria is then known to be in an actively growing phase. To study the…

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