The Effect Of Automatic Processing Essay

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The effect automatic processing has in decision making that is underneath the conscious; using colour identification task from the Stroop effect.
The experiment is using 20 participants and is employing a within-participant design. The experiment will consist of two condition, one that is consistent with the Stoop effect, using colour related words, and condition 2 consisting of neutral coloured words. The experiment will indicate whether the participant’s response has been affected by a conflict of difference. The phenomena known as ‘The Stroop Effect’ theorize that automatic process interfere with controlled process. The results of the experiment show a significant difference in response time of the
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Instead of using colour words (e.g. red) in the experimental condition, colour related words (e.g. blood) will be used instead (stroop effect), and in the control condition the words will be colour neutral (e.g.Sty).
The two tailed experimental hypothesis is, there will be a considerable difference in time taken in the two conditions, that the colour related words test will take longer than the colour neutral test.
The null hypothesis is, the result will show no difference between the times taken in naming ink colour of the colour related words to the time of naming the ink of colour neutral words.
The experimental design employed in the experiment was a within-participant. The independent variable was the visual stimuli in each condition, for both list the words where printed in colour. The controlled condition contained the colour neutral words, the experimental condition contained colour related words (Appendix 1). In both condition order of colour was followed and participants had to say colour of the ink as quickly as they could. The dependent variable was how much time did it take each participant to name the colour ink in each condition, a stopwatch was used in timing the participants, each result was rounded up to the nearest second. Each participant took the test at the same time of day; also, they were sat in a brightly lit room at a table, each participant was given the

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