Essay on The Effect Of Attending College On College

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I never thought I would go back to school after years spent being a stay at home mom. The decision to enroll myself in college was not easy. I had many routine demands to meet without having college as another burden. As a result, this forced me to put off enrolling in college until later in life. Attending college comes with a hefty workload; college courses are made up of many tests, lectures, and studying. These certain factors made it complicated to decide if college was right for me. The decision was made to enroll in college, and deciding to attend college has changed my life drastically. One important effect attending college has had on me is my ability to coincide school and family time together. I always knew I wanted a large family, but I also knew I wanted to better myself and one day attend college. Due to the certain timing of having my children, I put off enrolling in college to fulfill my responsibilities as a mother. As my children began to grow older and become more independent, I started looking into registering for college. As a result of weeks and weeks of research, I soon found the ideal college for my lifestyle. This distinct college was far different from the rest, it allowed me to complete all my work from home; however, I was able to not give up my duties and responsibilities as a wife and mother. When I pushed through to the middle of the semester, I now was able to see how well I was at managing it all. Undoubtedly my school offering web based…

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