The Effect Of Aquaponics And How Helpful It Can Be For Drought Stricken States And Countries Suffering With Food Insecurity

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An aquaponic system is a new innovative alternative to farming with soil. Using an aquaponic system has the benefits of conserving water, efficient usage of space, organic food, and etc. This paper will contain the research done with aquaponics and how helpful it can be in drought-stricken states and countries suffering with food insecurity.
Aquaponics is the invention that finds the common ground between farming fish and growing plants in soil. The tank water would be cycled through the plants and back, being one of the biggest reasons as to why aquaponics exists. Research is still going on and the one being looked into the most is microalgae and water conservation because our problems today include them. Aquaculture utilizes both, therefore making it a much nicer option compared to fish hatcheries. There are primarily three types of aquaponics known as: media filled bed, nutrient film technique, and deep water culture. The media filled bed is the most embellished version of the three, having only water from the tank being pumped into the tank while the nutrient film technique usually involves pumping water through enclosed gutters however, it is only really suitable for small, leafy green plants. The deep water culture usually has plants hanging above the water with the roots floating above the water. Nevertheless, all of these have the one purpose of serving as a sustainable source of agriculture and pisciculture. Conserving water, organic food, no weeds, and recycling…

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