The Effect Of Adolf Hitler's Rise To Power

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Between the two world wars in Europe a handful of dictators rose to power by the means of propaganda. Adolf Hitler, one of those dictators, became chancellor of Germany in 1933. His Final Solution for Germany was to annihilate the Jews and he convinced the ordinary Germans to agree with his Final Solution by utilizing propaganda. Hitler had a ministry of propaganda in his government run by Joseph Goebbels who oversaw all propaganda in the country. Hitler controlled the media of Germany and therefore infused propaganda into all posters, films, books, radio, newspapers, rallies, and terms in the country. He also instilled the youth of Germany with propaganda by brainwashing them through their education and mandatory youth groups. Additionally, the ghetto Theresienstadt served as propaganda by …show more content…
Hitler and Goebbels’ speeches were on the radio and by 1935, 56,000,000 people had heard their speeches. In addition to the radio feeding propaganda to the Germans, Germans were not allowed to listen to foreign radio and it was a criminal offense to do so. People who spread stories they heard from enemy radio could go to jail or be sentenced to death. Hitler used propaganda through the press in order for the Germans to not be so upset as to how many civilians he wanted to kill. In the war with Poland 5,000-6,000 innocent Germans were killed and Hitler used the media to change this number to 58,000 to justify his killing innocent people. The Nazis also hid specific details of the Final Solution on the media. The press said Jews were working and that German authorities set up soup kitchens for them and provided them with newspapers. Der Sturmer was the most antisemitic newspaper in Germany that told tales of Jewish ritual murder, sex crimes, and financial malfeasance. The press was used as a very strong way to instill Nazi Propaganda in the ordinary

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