The Educational System Of Australia Essay

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Through the first half of the semester, students from Concord University in Athens, West Virginia and students from Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia have discussed similarities and differences of the two countries school systems. We exchanged information through various modern communication styles; which includes: email, skype, wiki blogs, and through Google docs. I was shocked to discover that the educational system in Australia is very similar to the system that we are familiar with here in the United States.
Through email, the students from Victoria University shared that Australia places a high value on education. They show this by allowing each student to choose where they want to attend school at, tuition free. The costs are covered by the state government, in which the private school is located. There are many private Catholic schools located in Australia, and they are considered to be great educational places for pupils. The government in West Virginia does not assist at all with paying tuition, families in West Virginia must pay tuition themselves if they choose to send their children to a private school. I was very surprised to learn that schools in Australia are well-funded; students have the latest technology in the classrooms and are able to work with it frequently. Another difference in Australian schools that was interesting is the fact that the schools are divided into two different grade ranges, which go from primary school (K-6) then pupils go…

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