The Educational System Is Now Obsessed With The Term, And Success

794 Words Sep 4th, 2016 4 Pages
The educational system is now obsessed with the term, ‘Success’. ‘Success’ is now killing our children’s childhood due to the increase trend in depression and anxiety caused by school, writes Jess Quick. Tests. Assignments. Validations. Essays. Exams. Math. Science. English. Humanities. Today. Tommorow. Everyday this week. That’s just a small selection of the amount of assessments Western Australia students must face. The pressure on students has reached a crisis point. Thanks to an educational system that’s now obsessed with the term of ‘Success’. No wonder mental health issues have become the number 1 health concern that is consuming Australian students. No wondering students are opting to the last resort of cheating during an assessment. No wonder students are dropping out. Education is a key principle in life as it gives individuals the capacity and skills they need to maintain and manage their own health. Therefore, education is important, but at what cost? Students are under far more pressure in today 's society than in any other generation. It’s like the students are stuck in a pressure cooker. To this day helpless students are struggling to fulfil the requirements to be deemed successful by not only society, but the educational system. This has caused the standards of educational requirements to become more and more difficult to enter as the decades pass. This is intentionally causing students to be sucked into depression, like a black hole, or,…

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