The Educational Philosophy Of Progressivism Essay

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Philosophy Paper

Every student has a different approach to learning new things throughout their life. The different approaches each student takes is due to his or her understanding and the manner in which the new information is processed in his or her brain. As time passes, there has been more research on the element of philosophy and the various philosophies teachers use to teach their students. I personally believe in using the educational philosophy of progressivism to teach today’s students because this philosophy’s educational goal is to develop problem solving, decision making, and life skills amongst students using current and relatable topics. The foundation of teaching consists of the instructor having a well constructed approach in teaching the course material prior to the day of class. In Don Kauchak and Paul Eggen’s book, Introduction to Teaching, both authors provided concrete evidence regarding various educational philosophies instructors use and their significances throughout history. The philosophy of education makes us “more aware of who we are as teachers and the directions we want to pursue as we develop as teachers” (2011, pg. 149) Since I like the philosophy of progressivism, I will implement this philosophy by avoiding long lecture periods and introducing the students to projects and exams which require the students to exercise their critical thinking skills. These assignments will help the students in cooperative learning and guided discovery. To…

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