The Educational Foundations Textbook Essay

1081 Words Sep 6th, 2016 null Page
While reading chapter 1 and 2 of the Educational Foundations textbook, I was able to reflect and come up with questions, concerns, and comments about the material being read. The first chapter was called Letters to a Young Teacher. This reading talked about how many young teachers who work in urban school districts are estimated to leave that school district after three years. They say that the main reason is young teachers are unable to relate to the children who are minorities. However this can be fixed. One way that this is can be helped is by not being afraid to reach out to the older teachers. They have been teaching for quite some time, and asking for advice can always help. Another way to help relate to these children is by reaching out to your student’s parents as quickly as possible. By doing this you are able to create a relationship by talking to them, or even visiting there home. This helps make your students and parents comfortable with race/class in a sensitive but strong-minded way. That can help break down the wall for in the classroom and at home. Lastly, it talks about how it is important to still be firm. Being able to get a child from misbehaving to sitting at his desk doing work is a very important skill. The next chapter I read was called The Green Monongahela. This material started off by talking about a boy who grew up by a river called the Monongahela River, and how he learned so much from being at this river often. He believed that this river…

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