Essay on The Educational Achievements Of Boys And Girls

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Compare and contrast the educational achievements of girls and boys (across ethnicity and class). How do the curriculum and different ways of teaching influence the performance and behaviour of the genders as well as their job prospects? To what extent might “self-fulfilling prophecy” and “labelling” impact on their experiences of education? (Bartlett and Burton, 2007, p157).
This essay will discuss the differences between the educational achievements of boys and girls. This will be done by critically evaluating factors which may affect imbalanced performance of the genders, exploring ethnicity, social class and the curriculum. Although education within British society is free and compulsory to all, there remains enormous controversy surrounding the relationship between educational opportunities and social class, gender and ethnicity, all which this essay will explore and analyse.
Over recent years, the overall achievement levels of boys and girls have increased, however when comparing the sexes there remains a gap in educational attainment. Until the late 1980’s boys were out performing girls and were more likely to attain three A-levels essential for university admission therefore less girls were entering higher education. Due to these inequalities, there was a raise is concern and research conducted by feminists. Some of the findings suggested that the school curriculum was male dominated. Giddens (2001, p516) states “for a long time there was concern that teachers…

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