The Education System Of The United States Essay

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Abstract In 1837, history was made as Massachusetts created the Board of Education and a man by the name of Horace Mann was elected as its secretary. This was the first position of such in the United States. Mann believed in the common school and that every child should have the opportunity for an education. Through his position as secretary, Mann created an abundant number of common schools. After beginning his new role, Mann created the Common School Journal. He used this journal to spread his beliefs and knowledge about education. During his time as the secretary of the board of education, Mann was required to publish annual remarks on the education system. He was also given the opportunity to travel throughout the state to every school and gathered information. But, Mann believed that to further improve the education system he needed to expand his research and travel outside the country as well. After visiting many countries he published papers and remarks about the inclusion of religion and deaf into the common schools. The language that was spoken by the ‘silent’ fascinated him, but he was more intrigued on the ‘silent’ who learned to speak with their lips and tongues. While on his journey, he also discovered the brilliant and evil aspects of not having a national education system. One of his many implementations on the education system was the requirement of schools to be in session for certain lengths of time.

In today’s society, we have the luxury…

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