Essay about The Education System Of The United States

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The Education System

Here in the United States we have an education system. This system is supposed to be the greatest on earth, unfortunately it is not. Now there are several contributing factors to why we might have a flawed education system. One, the United States is so war hungry that they decide to take from youth education to fund it. This leads to teachers who should be paid well, but are not. This drains the excitement they once had to become a teacher to help and teach children and young adults. Instead the dream job they envisioned, they can barely survive on the salary they are given. Young people who once aspired to become great teachers see what is going on and become discouraged leading them to find another career. So now because of this we have a shortage of teachers. This leads to class sizes increasing. In some cases certain grades have been combined to deal with the lack of an invaluable resource. It gets worse, less funding means extracurricular classes are no longer taught such as Art, Music, PE, and many more. Even with the basic curriculum being taught because of this country not putting education high on the list, classrooms have less resources to teach with. The fact that we spend 12 years of our life in the system and, no not even knowing how to cook, apply for a job, started business, or even buy a house is sad. We should be at least taught to grow food, but sadly no it doesn 't stop there though, throughout this whole process to get one piece of…

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