Essay about The Education System Of Education

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Throughout the recent years, America has been declining in the world ranks of education. Below even Mexico and Brazil, America is ranked 27th for academic achievement and yet still spends twice as much per student compared to many other countries who are ranking higher than the U.S. In light of these startling facts, many have spoken up about the brokenness and inefficiencies within our education system. Much research has been done about possible solutions and changes that need to be made to increase the educational benefits gained by the students. Despite this research and awareness of the problem, not much has been done to actually change it. We can no longer toss more money into education and expect it to fix itself, as the statistics show this is extremely wasteful. What we need to be focused on is that our current education system leaves many students uninterested and bored and these students don’t see the relevance between their classes and their real life career interests. If students have no interest in their schooling then they have no motivation to excel and further their understanding. Personalized education could just be the answer to this problem. Through interest related classes and work field experience, this education model could just save American education.

The uninterest in education expressed by American students not only influences test scores and performance but also causes some students to dropout and stop seeking education altogether. In fact,“Every…

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