The Education System Of Education Essay examples

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believing that everything would be difficult to them. The system of tracking though it has been taken out and refuted by many educational philosopher the system can still be found in modern schools. This belief of giving students alternative route rather than just college/university bound was an idea brought about by the mass increase of population and schools. Not all the student that could be guaranteed a college future.
Adjustments were made to the school curriculum in order to deal with the massive amount of student, not all college ready or willing. The new curriculum would not be limited to the core classes but would include important life education as well. Some of these classes would include student guidance skills like, hygiene, family living driver’s education, and social relation in attempts to make more meaningful and relevant curriculum. The beginnings of the Prosser Resolution of 1948 was a ways for student to receive vocational education as an alternative means of education that would allow students to create a future for themselves without taking the tradition root of education, thus the means of tracking system for student was born. It was believed that about sixty percent of the student population would be better off going through the vocational process than that of traditional route. This movement for the Life adjustment was a large phase of the 1950s. In October 1951 a national conference was held in Washington D.C. in which thirty-eight states attend.…

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