The Education System Of China And My Experiences Of Schooling

1074 Words Sep 7th, 2014 5 Pages
Nowadays, high school students seem enjoy parties than study. They believe in theories such as: “The Vaccination Theory of Education”, “Adopt The Kung Fu Theory of Education” or “The Easy Listening Theory of Learning” which treats education as a heavy load on their shoulder. In my point of view, education is the skills that individuals learning to be better human-being. This essay will talk about my own theories, the problems which truly exist in the education system of China and my experiences of schooling. Firstly, I believe that education is the key to success. It basically determines the standard of living. The right education can lead people to unlimited possibilities and set us on the right path to get a beatific life which we desire. Secondly, being educated is not only beneficial for one’s vocation, it is also advantageous to shape personalities. By reading masterpieces, we can fulfill our brain, deepen our thoughts and begin to have noble sentiments. By studying science and mathematics, we will be a logical, intellectual person and watch the world by scientific angle of view. By learning physical training, we will be sturdy and flexible. Even by chatting with our classmates, we can gain experiences that differ in hundreds of ways. Education comes in many ways, not necessarily in class. There is no knowledge that is not worth knowing. Everything we learnt will eventually become part of us and assist us with the rest of life. For example, as for me, reading plays a…

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