Essay about The Education System Has Given Students With Disabilities

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Philosophy of Education The education system has always been an establishment that is looking for the best programs and support to help students. Overtime, the methods of teaching have changed to make accommodation for students who need additional support. The rights of students with disabilities has evolved over the years into a system that allows them to become independent learners. The education system has given students with disabilities a platform. Currently, special education students are not defined by their disability, but instead by their success or overcoming challenges. As a special education teacher, my philosophy in education is to challenge students to grow as individuals. Allowing them to see what they are capable of doing regardless of their challenges. I want students to have confidence in learning, because they recognized the opportunities education has for their future and personal growth. Every student with or without disabilities has the right to an education system that challenges them to learn, and does not give up on them when student face with an obstacle. Every school has their own protocol when it comes to the services that are given to students. Some schools have the luxury to give students all the adequate services to meet their educational needs. Unfortunately, not all schools have the support from the community to help the students that need additional support to learn and grow in the process. Urban schools face several challenges when it…

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