The Education System For College Students Essay example

1159 Words Nov 21st, 2015 null Page
Two year college institutions, or community colleges is a marvelous implementation to the education system for the means of higher education. Community colleges are excellent for those who attend right after high school and live on a budget, those who wish to continue their education during their adulthood, those who would like to learn a new skill or two, and those who are wanting to transfer to a four year university. And best of all, two year colleges are easily accessible where anyone can register, pay, and attend classes in a similar university environment. However, It seems that this method of higher education is not effective enough for the modern college student to stay in school and get their degree as gradually more students drop out during the two year academic path. Because of lack of support and education for college readiness, along with financial difficulties with the student and the school, more college attendants end up dropping out. While community college is very accessible to anyone looking to learn, a massive amount of preparation must go into applying and registering to the college of choice. For today’s high school student, preparation for college is very minimal, and help is definitely needed to ensure the students success in college. Unfortunately, many students don’t take advantage of certain forms of guidance like counseling, tutoring, and networking leaving them to tackle these obstacles themselves. One big step for preparation are placement…

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